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The Donald Jeffries Show - RFK Assassination Witness Scott Enyart

April 19, 2022

The Donald Jeffries Show 4-13-2022 Scott Enyart

On 6th June 1968, Scott Enyart, a 15-year-old high school student, a high-school student, was taking photographs of Senator Robert F. Kennedy as he was walking from the ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel to the Colonial Room where the press conference was due to take place. Enyart was standing slightly behind Kennedy when the shooting began and snapped as fast as he could. As Enyart was leaving the pantry, two LAPD officers accosted him at gunpoint and seized his three, 36-exposure rolls of film.

Later, he was told that the photographs were needed as evidence in the trial of Sirhan Sirhan. The photographs were not presented as evidence but the court ordered that all evidential materials had to be sealed for twenty years. In1988 Enyart requested that his photographs be returned. At first, the State Archives claimed they could not find them and that they must have been destroyed by mistake. Enyart filed a lawsuit which finally came to trial in 1996. During the trial, the LA city attorney announced that the photos had been found in its Sacramento office and would be brought to the courthouse by the courier retained by the State Archives. The following day it was announced that the courier’s briefcase, which contained the photographs, had been stolen from the car he rented at the airport. The photographs have never been recovered and the jury subsequently awarded Scott Enyart $450,000 in damages. Scott and Don Jeffries discuss how it felt to be at the center of such an important historical event.

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RFK Assassination Witness Scott Enyart

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