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The Donald Jeffries Show- Unscripted Actress Sally Kirkland

May 28, 2022

The Donald Jeffries Show 5-25-2022 Sally Kirkland

Unscripted Actress Sally Kirkland

Unscripted Actress Sally Kirkland

The Donald Jeffries Show 5-25-2022 Sally Kirkland

Actress Sally Kirkland has been in an astounding 220 films. Her mother was the fashion editor at Vogue and LIFE magazine, and friends with the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy, whom Sally would later portray in a play. Sally began her career on the off-Broadway circuit and trained under legendary acting coach Lee Strasberg. Her career in film, TV, and theater began in the 1960’s and her first director was Andy Warhol. Sally is probably best known for the film “Anna,” for which she garnered the Best Actress Oscar nomination and won the Best Actress Golden Globe, the Independent Spirit Award, and the LA Film Critic’s Circle Award.

In 1968 she became the first nude actress on stage. Her 220 films “The Sting,” “The Way We Were,” “Coming Apart,” “Cold Feet,” “Best of the Best,” “Revenge,” “JFK,” “ED TV,” “Bruce Almighty”, “Coffee Date” and “Archaeology of a Woman”.

In the past couple of years she has starred in “Buddy Solitaire”, “Gnaw” and “The Most Hated Woman in America” co-starring with Melissa Leo and Peter Fonda. And coming out soon, she has starred in “Sarah Q”, “Cuck”, “Invincible” and “The Talking Tree”.

Her television credits include: guest starring on “Criminal Minds,” recurring on “Head Case” and “the Simple Life.” Sally had a recurring role on “Felicity”. She starred on the NBC movie, “Brave New World.”

She had a recurring role as Barbara Healy in the original “Roseanne” series. She starred in the TV movie, “Heatwave” and recurred as Tracy on “Days of Our Lives.”

Sally is also an exhibited painter, poet, renowned acting coach and ordained minister in the Church of The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA).

Don Jeffries and Sally talk about her fabulous career, including how she came to play Rose Cherami in Oliver Stone’s “JFK,” her relationship with Bob Dylan, friendship with people like Robert DeNiro, and her legendary parties in Hollywood.

Kirkland is an ordained minister in the church of Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness:


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Unscripted Actress Sally Kirkland

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